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With ever increasing world population, we need new technologies to grow more food without damaging natural ecosystem.  These technologies need to balance what we desperate need without impact to the environment and safety of human.  These are very critical problem for us.  Honlex Jones is working with our technologies partners addressing solutions to these world challenging problems.

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Food Contact Cleaner Solution

Floors and drains are an integral part of a food processing facility. Keeping them clean and therefore hygienic is paramount to reducing the risk of foodborne pathogens.


Shrimp Farming Solution

AQUA-Cal+™ is the new technology and know how to treat pond water conditions. AQUA-Cal+™ is inorganic, non-toxic, non-corrosive, safe, environmental friendly and meets many core needs in aquaculture.


Silica Technology Solution

Honlex Jones focus on high end applications via silica technology such as mesoporous silica, monodisperse silica, non porous DVB particles, monodisperse silica etc for both chromatography and non chromatography applications

Providing Environmental Friendly Products


Food Contact Cleaner

Get the right product for your food contact cleaner solution


Shrimp Farming Solution

Get the right product for your sustainable shrimp farming

Explore Our Environmental Friendly Products

Water Business

Solution for your pond and water pollutions

Food Contact Cleaner

Solution for your food factory and food contact cleaner

Skin Solution

Solution to enhance epidermal penetration of active ingredients


Solution for improving the healthy and growth of aqua animals

Odor Control

Solution to eliminate unpleasant odors with using eco-friendly technologies


Advanced chromatographic packings and columns to meet the different requirements of testing or producing purposes

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